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The Cape is one of the most diverse and beautiful wine land areas in the world. Being the world's seventh largest wine producer it boasts many estates that have won international awards. The wine regions have over 500 farms from which to select estates from rustic to modern. Some farms have been in families for 4 generations.

Our full day wine tour consists of a visit to the following regions:

Stellenbosch - With its oak-lined trees and traditional Cape Dutch architecture it creates a vibrant atmosphere, filled with numerous wine farms, monuments and museums. Fascinating to explore on foot.

Franschoek-Meaning "French Corner" is a charming town with a rich French heritage that dates back to 1688. It is also known as the "Food & Wine Capital of the Cape". With a offer of art galleries, wine farms and stylish guest houses Franschoek certainly has one of the loveliest settings in the Cape Wine Region.

Paarl situated in a fertile valley that is famous for their world renowned "Ruby Red Wines". This region is also home to K.W.V which boasts the five largest wine vats in the world Paarl is home to the Afrikaans Language Monument, is one of the native languages in the country.

Create your own wine tour by selecting the highlights below:




  • Chocolate & Wine Pairing
  • Cellar Tour
  • Cheese & Wine Pairing
  • Olive Oil Tasting
  • Wine Blending
  • Cheetah Encounter
  • Afrikaans Language Monument
  • Beer Tasting
  • Vinegar Tasting
  • Flora & Wine pairing
Wine Tour | Africa Africa Tours

The Cape is one of the most diverse and beautiful wine land areas in the world.

Wine Tour Afta Africa Tours tailor-made Travel Experiences. Our tours are uniquely designed according our clients. Ensuring all guests expectations are met.

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Afta Africa Tours Wine Tour was born out of my love and passion for my country. I have been in the tourism industry since 2001 and understand the importance of creating memorable experiences. All my tours are uniquely designed according to the needs of my clients, therefore ensuring that each guests expectations are reached.

Wine Tour

Afta Africa Tours was established in 2008. The Wine Tour – started as an owner managed company with a core focus on responsible and cost-effective tourism for the discerning traveller. Wine land, Cape Wine lands,

My love for travel allowed me to understand the need for Afta Africa Tours exclusive and memorable travel experiences, and this has been a positive attribution to the company – Wine Tour.

The business is built on 4 important pillars which we pride ourselves in.

Our Wine Tour are designed to the needs and expectations of each client. Whether you are travelling as a family or individual, capture the essence of your travelling request accordingly.

On our Wine Tour create a profile for each client that enables us to tailor-make packages for each.

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I started in the tourism industry in the year 2001 as a customer service representative.

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